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Keji Ogunleye
Hey, future homeowners!

If you've recently applied for a mortgage or are gearing up for it, don't hit the pause button just yet.

There are some common mistakes many people make post-application, and we've got the insider tips to help you steer clear of them!

**Common Mortgage Missteps:**
1. Neglecting Your Credit Score

2. Skipping the Pre-Approval Step

3. Overlooking Loan Terms and Conditions

4. Ignoring Your Budget

5. Not Shopping Around for Lenders

6. Inadequate Documentation

7. Changing Your Financial Situation

Catch our latest video where we break down each of these pitfalls and arm you with the knowledge to navigate the mortgage journey smoothly.

? Don't let these slip-ups get in the way of your dream home!

>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usYzH51hj2M

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