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Putting your house on  market for sale in Bowie What not to do when showing Your house.
Putting your house on the market for sale in Bowie and ready for potential buyers to start viewing your house?. There are things you should not do if you want to sell your house quickly and don't want to lose money in the process.  Understand that  buyers are always looking for bargain and they will take advantage of any available opportunity presented to them.


Here are few things to avoid when showing your house.


- Showing times: Make the showing times very convenient for prospective buyers and agents. Buyers and agents work on their schedule not on sellers schedule, if showing times are very restrictive you may be loosing potential buyers. if appointment is required, sellers need to make sure they make  themselves available quickly . Avoid making it complicated to make schedule appointments, some example of complications are requiring 24 hours notice, requiring sellers to be present when showing, not providing lockbox for easy access for agents, having pets in the property when showing. Many times when showing appointments are  difficult agents will pass over the property and move to the next one. In an ideal world , appointment should be an  easy phone call to sellers agents or seller and access to property is available via lock box.


-Don't Walk around with Buyers: When buyers and agents have confirmed appointment and they are now at your property. Please don't walk around with them showing or telling them things about your house, this can be very annoying and distracting. Let the agents and buyers walk around without you and let them be free to open closets, bathrooms without being conscious of the owner behind them. Remember buyers will view numerous houses before making a decision on which one to buy and many times you want them to remember your house after viewing it. If they are distracted by seller behind them, they may not remember the features of the house but just the  seller that make them uncomfortable. I always advise my sellers when they are ready to put their house on the market, let the agents do their job and make the buyers comfortable. If possible leave the house during showing or step out.
- Don't Cook: Avoid cooking when you have a schedule appointment. The aroma of your food maybe a turn off for buyers. Get a neutral air freshener to mask any cooking odor , before buyers arrive.  I was showing some houses recently to a couple and in one the numerous houses we view that day, the sellers are cooking what I'm sure is a good food, but the aroma was very strong that after the showing the couple  only remember the house by the aroma not the features and that house was eliminated from their list.

-Putting your house on the market for sale can be a stressful process as people you don't know will be coming into your house , but it can be very quick process if you can avoid the few things listed above. Remember showing your house to large pool of buyers will make it possible to quickly get a contract and you can move on with your life.


If you are thinking of putting your house on the market for sale in Bowie, Upper Marlboro, Fort Washington or in any other parts of the metro area I will like to share with you additional pointers to get to SOLD Fast.

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