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Are you voting November 2nd? You should as the outcome will affect your pocket book for years to come and is our civic duties. In this year election in Maryland we are going to elect new governor, some new county executives, new congressional delegates, state senators and lots of constitutional referendums/ questions.

 For the governor race we have Anthony Brown running on the platform of all day kindergarten, promise of no more taxes, but hold up we've had nothing but tax increases for the last eight years with O'Malley /Brown administration. Sales tax increase, rain tax, gas tax and as the ad will say there is no tax they see they did not like and increase.
Understandably Lieutenant governors really don't have much say on which taxes to increase but if what we've seen in the last eight years is any indication complete the sentence!!! We may either expect to get additional tax increase or if the election is very close Anthony Brown will keep his promise of no more taxes.

Larry Hogan the on the other hand is promising to revert as many of the taxes as possible. First that is just pure lie, because once politician get's their hands on taxes to revert it back is going to take an act of congress and we all know that nobody can get an act of congress pass in the current climate in D.C

 In Prince Georges county there is a referendum /question J to extend the county executive and county members consecutive serve terms to three terms instead of the current two. So let me get this, the politicians want to stay in the office for additional 4 years ,so they can increase our taxes, continue to stick us with traffic cameras.
The question is where are they getting this referendum from or which voters are requesting it? From the voters or within themselves!!! Imagine additional four years with Jack Johnson!!!

 Another statewide referendum is question 1 on the ballot. Asking us to vote yea or nay for question 1. A constitutional amendment to limit the use of Transportation Trust Fund to the payment of principal and interest on transportation bonds, and for construction and maintaining adequate highway system.
To prohibit the transfer of Transportation Trust Funds into General Fund. Just so you know we all are paying into transportation trust fund every time we buy gas in Maryland this is the same tax that O'Malley increased. We need to let the politicians know not to use it for other things ,but for what is actually set up for.

 Take time to review some of these questions and referendum as it will have lasting impact to on all Marylanders for a long time.

More details available in the state election website right here. Hope to see lots of people come out on Tuesday to vote, is our civic duties and the outcome will affects us for time to come.

I'm not sure who I'm voting for in the governor's race right now, but I know I'm voting. Are you voting???

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