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There are many updates that add value to a house which means more money when the house is ready for sale. Buyers are looking for good value with updates and here are few things that add value and get noticed by buyers
Kitchen: Updating the kitchen will had instant value to a house. Some updates for kitchen are a new counter top, new cabinets, new appliances and ceramic flooring. There are many choices to consider when adding value to the kitchen. The counter top is one that can provide an instant impact. Over the last few years, granite counter tops have been used by many kitchen re modelers and many new homes include granite counter tops in the base price. Granite prices have also dropped, meaning that many people can afford to upgrade their counter tops for under $2000.00 and the value to a house more than the cost  price. 
New cabinets or refaced cabinets will also add value. Homeowners have a lot of different types of cabinets to choose from. Another option is to reface the existing cabinetry to reduce cost. Many home improvement stores have cabinet refacing services that can save the homeowner up to 50-60% compared to new cabinets and these update can increase home value by about 40-50%.
Kitchen flooring is another low cost update that can add instant value. Ceramic flooring in the kitchen area to complement the cabinet and counter top will show case kitchen. There are many choices of ceramic flooring all with different price points, however getting a great flooring does not have to cost much. 
- Bathrooms: Updating the flooring, lighting, and fixtures can quickly change the look of the bathroom and add value.  Just like the kitchen, updating the flooring with ceramic will create an impact and add instant appeal. Updating the lighting and fixtures will also create appeal. There are many choices of lighting and fixtures that cost under $100.00. Doing comparison shopping with the different home improvement stores will save money, there are many bathroom lighting and fixtures that are always on sale at Home Depot. Updating a medium size full bathroom can be done under $200.00
-Master Bedroom: If the space allows for large closet space or sitting area, this alone can add a substantial value to a house. Spending more on master bedroom will bring the best value. Home buyers want a retreat and master bedroom is one place that can quickly add value. Adding more closet spaces or extending existing closet will make this room appealing.  Sometimes it may not be possible to add more closet space because of constraint, however sometimes re-arranging and removing items will create more space.
-Interior : Nothing brightens a house like a fresh coat of paint. Keep the color neutral. If working with a limited budget, paint the main living areas. 
- Finished basement: Finishing a basement creates more living space and this adds value to a house. Finishing the basement does not have to break the bank. It can be done in economical way to create more space without spending lots of money. Consider doing the finished basement only if fund is available after the other areas of the house has been updated.  The kitchen, bathroom and painting update should be done before considering finishing basement. These areas add more value that finishing the basement.Though finished basement do increase overall home value if all other areas are not dated.
- Exterior: The exterior door can make a great impact on a potential buyer. You could simply apply a fresh color or a replace it with a more decorative door. If replacing your front door, go for an Energy Star certified front door with decorative glass accents and sidelights. The price for this upgrade can range from $200 to $800. Finally, add some potted plants around the front door, or on the porch. Use decorative planters of various sizes, shapes and color. Planting flowerbeds along the driveways and walkways is also an attractive idea.
These are just a few things that can add value to a house and yield good returns once the  ready toput in the house in market.  For more tips on adding value to a house download our home selling guide here.
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