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Getting Your House Ready To Sell 10 tips to  selling your house quickly.

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Anyone selling a home nowadays wants their home to sell fast and at a reasonable price. Selling a home in this market may require more preparation than before due to the high number of homes in the market and the competition amongst sellers in your neighborhood as well. You will therefore have to prepare it well to impress your customers. Here are some steps for getting a house ready to sell:

1. Start Outside
Make sure when a buyer pulls up to your home with an agent they have a great first impression. The outside of your home is the first thing buyers see and if they don't like the outside, they will probably not even care too much about the inside. Keep these things in mind when preparing the outside.
- Make sure your lawn is mowed and landscaping is neat. 
- Keep the sidewalks clear of all toys and gardening supplies. 
- Paint window trims if they are cracked, peeling, or faded. 

- Make sure your house number is clearly visible to the buyer.

2. Make Sure You thoroughly clean your house.
Home owners usually clean the house before they put it up for sale and, no one wants to buy a house that they feel was neglected and not well-cared for. Buyers and good agents will usually take this into account because it shows how the house was taken care of while you were living in it. Here are some things to make sure they are cleaned and looking great.
- Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures. 
- Ensure the carpets are as cleaned as well as shampooed. 
- Clean out cobwebs. 
- Wax hardwood floors and kitchen floors. 
- Clean bathroom tile and bleach the grout. 
- Hang up fresh kitchen and bathroom towels. 

- Air out any musty areas and make sure the home smells fresh.

3. Declutter Your House and make it Impersonal.
When house buyers come to see your home they are not interested in seeing your family photographs and heirlooms. This is the chance you give them to picture their own photos on the wall and their own furniture in the home. Pack up those personal pictures and keep buyers from getting distracted by thinking about your family. Allow them to imagine themselves living in the house. When it comes to decorations and kick-knacks, less is more:
- Collect all your junk and odds and ends and pack them away. 
- Remove books and pictures. 
- Clean off kitchen and bathroom counters. 
- Remove personal hygiene items from plain view and pack them in a closet for daily use.

4. Forget about your emotions.
It is totally understandable that you have developed emotional ties to the home. There have been many memories in the home that you will have to let go off. Even though this is the case, you have to remember that you are trying to sell your house quickly so holding on is only going to do more harm than good. It is going to be hard but you have to cut the ties and get ready to move on.
- Stop seeing it, and referring to it as your home. It is now a product to be sold like any other good or service. 
- Don't take offense when buyers give any negative feedback about issues in the home. 
- Remove all personal effects that will cause you to reminisce.

5. Value Properly
The last thing you need to make sure that you do is to value the house at a fair and reasonable price that will attract potential buyers. If you don't acknowledge faults in the house you will value it higher than it should be. When you are selling your house you have to remember it doesn't matter what you think it is worth. It only matters what someone is willing to pay for it. Make sure you base your price on market values and comparable property in the recent past and always be ready to negotiate.

By taking the above precautions you can prepare your home to sell and could possibly have a quick property sale. Take time and remember the goal is not to dwell on memories, but to sell so you can move on and create new ones.

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Also search for homes for sale in your neighborhood to see how they are priced and staged. 

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