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House Selling Tips. Do you need pictures online to sell your house?

The old proverb that a picture is worth a thousand words definitely applies to selling a house. These days when potential buyers look for a new home, they often start with their computer. By searching online, looking at pictures of various houses, they get an idea of what is available. They use the pictures to identify the specifics they like best about a house. The web search may also connect the buyer to the Realtor posting the most attractive pictures.  From the real estate photos online many buyers determine if they are going to view a house or not, many times the pictures online will be use to eliminate homes.

This method of shopping for a new home saves time, energy and money for all the parties involved. At least a house for sale should have minimum of 20 pictures online. The front picture of the house are  generally   taken from a long-view and show the front of the house and its lot. This picture reveals the basic information about the house and shows several things at once: the number and placement of the levels of the house, the type of architecture, the roof layout and the overall condition of the house. Additional layout information may also be gleaned from the position of the front door, a driveway and possibly a garage. Looking at this photograph, a buyer can see quickly whether  is interested in this house. 

Just one picture of a house, however, is not enough. A buyer also wants to know what is inside the house. When they are available, photos can provide a preliminary "walk through" of the rooms of the house before actually visiting the house. They can show the actual living areas and a general sense of the layout. These can reveal approximate room sizes, hallways, window placements, stairways, dropped floors, ceiling heights and other design features of the house. Looking at a photo, a buyer might determine if the house is appropriate for children or persons with disabilities. They can note if the decor is current or outdated and see the condition of walls, ceilings and floors. 

Some of the more important areas in the house need photos to help the sale. In the kitchen, for instance, pictures disclose the general condition and age of appliances, the amount of cabinet space, sink sizes and overall working  area. Buyers like to see pictures of the bedrooms to get an idea of the size and shape and any unusual features. Pictures of a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and an in-suite bathroom can often clinch a sale. 

Shots of the back and side yard areas should indicate to the buyer some idea of the size of the yard and any extras, such as a pool, a patio, a bar-b-cue area or children's play area.

What do you think of this picture? This is the only picture provided for this property and the description stated it was completely renovated, but only one picture?

How about these pictures? Will buyer be excited to see this house?

The importance of pictures to sell a house cannot be overstated. Online photographs used in marketing are the starting point to draw clients. When used to define specific wants and needs of the buyer, they accelerate the shopping process.  A seller should not  underestimate the power of good pictures to market house and to get it sold fast.

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