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Keji & Associates of Fairfax Realty, Inc a Real Estate Agent Team, Closes Another  Short Sale In Upper Marlboro  Maryland- March  2015
Keji & Associates, experienced short sale agents  at Fairfax Realty, Inc has helped another seller avoid foreclosure by successfully selling the house short sale in Upper Marlboro. Keji & Associates, specializing in Short Sales has successfully closed another short sale transaction where a lender( Nation star  Mortgage Services) accepted a short amount on the Upper Marlboro detached Real Estate, saving the seller from becoming another Maryland Foreclosure statistic.
This large  one level detached house on Broadmoor Ter in Marlton was sold for $170,000 , it was originally listed for $180,000 in October 2014 , but with price reduction to $170,000 the buyer's contract was accepted by the short sale lender( Nation star Mortgage Services). In addition they allow  $5100 for closing help for the buyer.

 The seller in return got a full deficiency waiver, that is they will not be responsible for the difference between what they owe and what the property sold for and also $10,000 in relocation assistance for successfully completing the short sale.

The home buyers of this short sale in Upper Marlboro are first time home buyers and that will be paying less than they pay in rent for this detached house. The buyers wait  patiently for 90 days  to  get the short sale approved, as with all short sale it takes time to get them approved.

 The seller on Broadmoor Ter  in Marlton  Upper Marlboro was  in default for about one year  facing foreclosure in Upper Marlboro, with outstanding balance of $318,000.
The home owner contacted Keji & Associates to process and negotiate a Upper Marlboro  short sale on their behalf. The process was very tedious, but working with a  knowledgeable team, a comprehensive marketing plan and a detailed title company, Keji & Associates successfully got the short sale approved to close the house. As with all  short sale process, all the parties involved must be willing and ready to corporate to provide all the documents that are required and buyers of short sale must be patient and willing to purchase the home at what the bank considers a fair market value based on their appraiser. The seller decided to do short sale rather  than allow another foreclosure in Upper Marlboro  in hopes of recovering quickly credit wise and  have the ability to purchase another house in 2 years
Keji & Associates of Fairfax Realty, a top team of short sale specialist has put together a comprehensive team to assist home owners facing foreclosure. Home owners who are facing  foreclosure can request a no obligation consultation with them to discuss their needs. Additionally, the team has created a custom package tailored to each mortgage lender and  servicers allowing the homeowners to complete the required document quickly.
Many homeowners in the metro area  and surrounding areas are facing true hardships that force them to consider a Short Sale rather than face foreclosure.

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Keji & Associates of Fairfax Realty specializes in Upper Marlboro, Bowie, Fort Washington, Silver Spring Real Estate, short sales and  Upper Marlboro Foreclosures.
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