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Advantages of Using a Realtor to Sell Your House 

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When it comes to selling your home, you don’t want to dish out more money than you have to. It seems easy to put your house on the market and sell it yourself, but it may make more sense to use a Realtor. Realtors have the knowledge and trained skill to help in the selling process. Realtors also have marketing research experience under their belts that will give your home the most exposure. There are several advantages that are more beneficial to you when using a Realtor to help you sell your home.
Maximum Exposure
A Realtor is able to give your home more exposure than you would be able to if you were selling it yourself. They can list your home on MLS (multiple listing service), their realtor website, magazines and other advertisement listings. A realtor comes out to view your home, and then writes an attractive ad that will engage readers and grab their attention. When writing the ad, a realtor knows how to focus on the main elements of your home that make it sellable. If you attempt to sell your own home, you may miss mentioning a few features that would have otherwise helped you make the sale. You also may not have the tools to reach as many buyers as a realtor would.
Pricing the Home
Another advantage of hiring a professional Realtor to sell your home is their knowledge to price it correctly. If you sell your own home, your price may be unrealistic. A realtor is experienced in searching the housing market to see what properties are selling for in your area. They have the tools to establish a more realistic price and attract the highest bidder. While you may discuss with the realtor how much you’d like to sell for, they are able to negotiate with you and market your home to sell quickly for the most money.

Negotiating with Buyers
When you use a professional realtor to sell your home, they serve as the negotiator for you. They understand that you want to sell your home as quickly as possible, and for the most money possible. They work with you to help you reach that goal. They are able to accept reasonable offers and negotiate in counter-offers. Once an offer is made and accepted, realtors can handle any issues regarding escrow and draw up any legal contracts. 

Getting Qualified Buyers
When selling your home, you certainly want to rely on a realtor to help you get the most qualified buyer. Looking for a qualified buyer may take you a longer time, which will delay the sale of your home. A realtor has access to a list of pre- screened, qualified buyers that are ready to purchase in your area. This is not a database homeowners have the option to use. When a realtor finds the most qualified buyer, they are able to move on to the home selling process.
Professional Experience
A Realtor has knowledge and training in working the current real estate market. They are trained in marketing and have negotiation skills. Before selling, your realtor will explain how the first impression of your home should appear to potential buyers. They also offer you any tips that will get your home in the best shape to sell fast. Your realtor will walk you through the correct steps to sell your home and let you know what you should expect. You will be made aware of your responsibilities and rights as a seller. Your realtor will also discuss any financing options you may consider when selling. 
Seller Preparation
There are certain things you may not think of when you are trying to sell your home. For example, your realtor may advise you to take a home equity line of credit before you list your property. This line of credit will help you fix any necessary repairs before you sell. Also, as a seller you may be unaware that once your home is listed, you cannot take out a loan on it. Your realtor may remind you not to make a major purchase (such as a car), because doing so changes your debt-to-income ratio. This could make you ineligible for a home loan.
There are many reasons for hiring a professional realtor to sell your home. Some are things that you may have never even considered. A realtor is worth the investment to help you make the most money, and help the buyer save money. If you decide to hire a realtor, make sure to speak to more than just one so you will find the one to best serve you.
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