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Just Closed Another Short Sale in Upper Marlboro.
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Keji & Associates of Fairfax Realty, Inc a Real Estate Agent Team, Closes Another  Short Sale In Upper Marlboro  Maryland- May 2015

This two level one car garage townhouse condo in Upper Marlboro was sold for $140,000 ,about $100K  less than was  owed on the townhouse. This townhouse in Upper Marlboro was listed for sale in February 2015 for $135,000 as a short sale, however the owner of this townhouse was not late or behind on the mortgage payment, but need to move and because the value is drastic less  than was owed the only option is a short sale.
A first time buyer offered $140,000 for this lovely townhouse condo in Upper Marlboro  and the short sale lender accepted the offer and also allowed  $4200 closing help. The seller in return got a full deficiency waiver, that is will not be responsible for the difference between what was owed and what the property sold also because the seller was not in default of the mortgage payment , he qualified to buy another a house immediately.
The home buyer of this short sale in Upper Marlboro is a  first time home buyer and will be paying less than $1000.00 per month in mortgage payment. The buyer waited  patiently for 90 days  to  get the short sale approved, as with all short sale it takes time to get them approved.

The seller of this short sale needed to move because of job and a bigger house, but because the value is less than what was owed the only option is to sell the house short sale.
Outstanding Loan Amount: $245,900
Short Sale Amount: $140,000
Net Amount to HSBC: $ 126,765.83
Amount Forgiven: $119,135
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The home owner contacted Keji & Associates to process and negotiate a Upper Marlboro  short sale on their behalf. The process was very tedious, but working with a  knowledgeable team, a comprehensive marketing plan and a detailed title company, Keji & Associates successfully got the short sale approved to close the house. As with all  short sale process, all the parties involved must be willing and ready to corporate to provide all the documents that are required and buyers of short sale must be patient and willing to purchase the home at what the bank considers a fair market value based on their appraiser. The seller decided to do short sale rather  than allow another foreclosure in Upper Marlboro and in turn was able to buy another property immediately because

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