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Do's and Don’ts of Home Selling : 10 tips for First Time Home Sellers
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If you are a first time home seller and you are looking forward to clinching a sale in today’s competitive real estate market, there are chances that you may find the entire process riddled with lots of confusion.
Again, with economists predicting an increase in home sales over the coming years, then it means that first time home sellers should seek expert advice on home selling and also acquaint themselves with the dos and don’ts of selling a home for the first time so that they may avoid some of the common pitfalls that lots of first time home sellers have fall into in the past. 
Here are some 10 tips for homes sellers that are worth your read particularly if you are a first time home seller. 

1. Start with preparing your home for the market
One of the most common mistakes that lots of home sellers make is failing to understand the importance of preparing their home for the market. Prior to selling your home, it is incredibly imperative you ensure your home is ready once it has been listed for sale. There are a couple of things that you can do in a bid to prepare your home for the market. Among them is having it inspected prior to listing it for sale. In today’s open real estate market, home buyers are turning away from homes that aren’t properly presented , most buyers are looking for move in ready house, and hence having your home inspected is crucial to increasing your chances of clinching a sale. Another great way you can prepare your home for the market is to carry out low-cost home improvements prior to listing it for sale. For instance, you can put a new coat of paint to all the rooms, replace outdated fixtures and have the floors and carpets professionally cleaned.

.    2.Pick a reputable Realtor
Selling a home isn’t a walk in the park, not only for first time home sellers but also for experienced home sellers as well. As, such, it is important you seek the services of a top producing Realtor to represent you when selling your home. But considering that all real estate agents aren’t equal, you should therefore strive to pick an agent with a proven track record of helping first time home sellers sell their homes successfully. It is always good to interview at least 3 agents and ask for marketing plan, track record of sales in the area. 

3. Have a good understanding of the local real estate market
Considering that local real estate markets can vary significantly, then it is prudent you have a good understanding of your local real estate market. For instance, some markets may vary depending on the season of the year while others may remain stable throughout the year. But the most important thing is to understanding your market. As such, talk to a real estate professional and get their analysis in relation to your current local real estate market.

4. Price your home properly 
One of the reasons as to why lots of homes don’t sell in real estate is simply because they are priced incorrectly. In as much as there are all sorts of reasons as to why lots of home owners fail to price their homes properly, you should however refrain from making this common mistake when selling your home for the first time. There surest way of avoiding it is by talking to an expert and ask them to assist you price your home properly. Talking to professional takes emotion out of it. To get a quick and fast sale don't over price your house in comparison to what similar homes are selling for in your neighborhood. A house properly price will  attract buyers and generate offer quickly. Make sure to compare home condition to similar homes that are in the market ,and recently sold to get accurate home value
5. Know your next move 
Prior to selling your home for the first time, it is very important you figure out where you will be living next. Planning ahead is crucial to saving money and time attributed with moving your personal stuff. You can ask your real estate agent to help you find a suitable home before you begin the process of selling your home. If you want to sell your home so that you can purchase a new one, it is important you be pre-approved for a mortgage. This is one of the best ways of figuring out what you can afford and what you can’t afford.

     6. Market your home appropriately 
Marketing your home appropriately is equally important as pricing it properly. After all, how do you expect prospective home buyers to figure out that you are selling your home for a certain price. This why the service of experience Realtor comes into play. Your Realtor will market your house to many potential buyers and other agents that are working with buyers. Your real estate agent should also be in a position to recommend other ways of advertising your home including direct mail postcards and open houses. 

7. Make your home available for potential buyers 
Lots of first time home sellers make restrictions on when their home should be and shouldn’t be shown to potential buyers , which definitely ends up hurting the process of selling their home. To avoid this mistake, ensure your home is made available to potential buyers so that they can contact your agent if they like it. Otherwise, within days, potential buyers will definitely find another suitable home hence forgetting yours. 

8. Make your home ready to move-in 
Most home buyers are not looking for fixer- up ,but move in ready home. Considering that no new homeowners wants another to-do list these days, then it is prudent you make your home ready for buyers to move-in any time they want to. Start with doing all the necessary repairs and replacements that potential buyers are likely to demand when buying your home. 
9. Allow Buyers to View with No interruption
Once a potential buyer has made an appointment to view your house, it is very important you let the buyers walk freely around the house to view it without you following them. If the buyers come with their agent, let the agent guide them through the house and let them know to direct all questions to your Realtor.

10. Plan your negotiation 
When negotiating with a prospective buyer, it is important you understand clearly what you won’t give up as well as what you will give up. You need to know the kind of outcome you want in advance so as to avoid haggling over petty issues that could potentially cost you the sale. Negotiation is all part of sale and is give an take, so understand that buyers are always looking for value and being flexible is the key. Your Realtor should be able to guide you through the negotiation phase of the offer.

With these 10 tips for first time home sellers, you will definitely have an easy time selling your home for the first time.
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