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How To Sell Your House as For Sale By Owner While You’re Out of Town.
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It’s possible to sell your house even if you’re not currently living there; you’re renting it out or are out of town. Follow these simple tips to selling your house quickly-

1- List the house on For Sale by Owner websites such as Zillow and Craigslist. This allows for maximum exposure and will get the attention of buyers interested in buying with zero down or rent to own. Listing on these sites will also attract traditionally unqualified buyers as the internet has really simplified the home buying process. This method will also attract vandals looking to occupy vacant homes once they know you, the owner, are out of town. Sometimes, crooks also rent the house to unsuspecting renters but getting these renters out is such a breeze! It only takes going to district court to get them out.  Listing on Craigslist and Zillow is a very effective way to getting unqualified buyers to call sellers.
2. Don't Answer Your Phone: When selling your house with your phone number listed as the contact, it is very important you don't answer your phone as this will assure that both unqualified  and qualified buyers will not be able to view the house. You can also get the house sold quickly with buyers that are ready to buy without even seeing the house. Home buying is one of the biggest investments most will make in their lifetime, so why would any buyer care to view the property before buying?
3. Schedule Home showings only at your convenience: When a buyer is finally able to schedule a showing make sure it is during the most convenient time for you. Many unqualified buyers are able to work with a seller schedule, so it will not be a problem selling your house.
4. Arrange with your current tenants to show the house: Since you, the seller, is out of town, always arrange with your uncooperative tenants to make them the showing agent for your house. These are the same tenants that have missed the last two months payments, the ones that always complain how your house is not worth anything, but they of course, cannot afford to buy it. It is an excellent and convenient idea to let the tenants show the house. This way, they can explain to the buyer why it is very important they don't buy the house.
5. Condition of House: Make sure the house is not really in the best showing condition. Better yet, have your current tenants be the selling agent and the home stagers! If the house is not currently occupied, be sure you disclose this information to your potential buyers. This is a great opportunity for potential buyers or anyone else to go in and redecorate the house. The perfect example of this method includes the bank-owned properties that have been redecorated and the bank was still able to sell these houses.
6. Vacant House in winter: As an out of town seller, you don't have to worry about your house being vacant in the winter months. In addition to being a target of vandals, it is also very good idea to sell FSBO while out of town during winter month. The utilities will be off, since the tenants are going to make sure they turn it off once they move. The unqualified buyers that call to view the house are going to love it once they go see the house with water damaged caused by busted pipes. This will command high dollars quickly.
6. Pictures: Include only the exterior picture of your house- This will make the buyers want to see the house and attract them quickly. The buyers will be able to compare the house with other houses for sale that have 20-30 pictures online. 
7.  Price: When pricing your house for sale, make sure it is at least over 20% what the houses are in your area. This way, potential buyers are not able to negotiate and give you room to get what you want for the house. Since these buyers will not have to get a loan that will require an appraiser, it can be sold for more than it's worth!
8. Negotiate over the email and phone: A very good idea is to always negotiate how much you are willing to accept over the phone or email once an unqualified buyer is ready to make an offer. Many of the buyers that your FSBO house will attract are looking for deals and looking for sellers that have to sell. Since they are not qualified to buy or unable to get a mortgage, it is always a good idea to negotiate sales price over the phone and email. Such a big investment does not need to be recorded in writing.
All these tips are sure to keep you busy with phone calls from unqualified buyers browsing houses for sale online using FSBO websites like Zillow and craigslist. As you will soon find out, the house will not be sold. After you’ve exhausted these methods and are ready to actually get to SOLD_, let us show you how we get it done for our sellers with the least amount stress.

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