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5 Home Selling Tips for Fall 

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While fall is traditionally considered sort of an off-season for real estate, it can actually be a great time to sell a home. Experts suggest that buyers are much more likely to be serious and are quicker when it comes to making an offer. They often move for pressing reasons, such as a work relocation, and therefore are more willing to make an offer on a home if it is something that really appeals to them. Sellers also have the weather on their side - most buyers want to be all settled into their new home before the winter, ice, and snow arrive. Still, how do you sell your home fast during the fall and make potential buyers fall in love with your home at first sight? It is definitely possible to make that magical impression at an open house or showing. Follow these five simple home selling tips in fall - and your house will be off the market in no time at all!

1. Consider curb appeal. - When potential buyers arrive at your home, the exterior is of course the first thing that they see. Fall is one of the most stunning seasons; the brilliantly colored foliage around your house makes a wonderful natural decoration. Make sure however that plants and trees are trimmed, and that lawns and especially pathways are clear of fallen leaves. This not only keeps the potential buyers safe from tripping and falling over debris, but makes the yards appear to be lower maintenance. Fall debris can also collect on windows and in entryways; make sure that all of these areas are thoroughly cleaned. A home that is clean in appearance is always more inviting.

2. Roll out the welcome mat. - Fall weather can be somewhat unpredictable. While snow and extremely cold weather might not have arrived yet, fall includes plenty of rainy days and great amount of wind. Invest in a tasteful doormat where potential buyers can wipe their feet before entering your house. The potential buyers will love this nice little touch that helps them imagine your house as a home, and it will also serve the great purpose of keeping your floors clean. After all, a house with grimy looking floors or carpeting can make a home look dingy and unappealing. 

3. Focus on the fireplace. - With cold days and nights and the holiday season right around the corner, potential buyers will be paying a lot of attention to your fireplace. Help them to imagine hosting a festive family gathering, curling up with a book and cup of hot cocoa, or relaxing with their spouses on a chilly evening. Make sure your fireplace and surrounding area has been thoroughly cleaned. There should not be soot (if it is a wood burning fireplace) and the area should be free of clutter. Keep candles and accent pieces minimal; you want to allow your potential buyers to see the design of the fireplace and be able to imagine their own decor here. Light a cozy fire to greet the potential buyers as they enter the room. 

4. Let in plenty of light. - During fall, days get shorter and shorter as winter approaches. Due to the positioning of the sun and these reduced hours of daylight, homes can appear darker and colder than they do in the spring or summer. Make sure that all lighting fixtures are clean and function properly. You can also make your house feel seem bright and warm by opening blinds all the way. While window treatments can add a feeling of style and luxury to a home, pull or tie them to the sides so that the windows are exposed and maximum sunlight can enter the rooms. Clean all windows thoroughly on the inside as well; dusty, dirty windows can make the light come through in a dingy way. While its a given that a home for sale should be free of clutter in all areas, it is especially important that there is no clutter near or around windows that could potentially block sunlight. If your house has features such as a window seat or a bay window, this really helps these features to literally shine in the eyes of your potential buyers. 

5. Give your home a cozy vibe. - This is perhaps the most important step on the list of how to sell your home fast during the fall. By making your home feel cozy to potential buyers, you will be able to reach their emotional, intuitive side - you will help them imagine the space as more than just another house, but as their home. Play up the fall theme as much as you can. Fall colors like reds, oranges, yellows, and soft browns make an excellent palette for home staging. By utilizing them with paint and accent pieces, you can add a welcoming feeling of warmth to the rooms, even as the days get colder outside. Scented candles can be a great way to incorporate fall colors into a space, as well as fall scents. Select candles that smell like pumpkin pie, apple crisp, cranberry, cinnamon or other spices to make your house pleasant and inviting. Your potential buyers will be nostalgic of delicious food, gatherings, and fun that comes with fall, and will be eager to recreate these memories in your house. Since winter is right around the corner, choose heavier more luxurious fabrics for things like blankets and window treatments. This helps your potential buyers imagine your house as a comfortable retreat during the coldest months. 

These five simple home selling tips for fall are incredibly simple, but when combined they do a truly incredible job of making your house feel clean, fresh, and very inviting. Most importantly though, they will allow your potential buyers to picture what it is like to live in your house. By helping them imagine how their own belongings would fit in the space, as well as how they could enjoy the house and create wonderful memories - they will see it as more than a house, but as a home. Potential buyers will be quick to make an offer on your house before they miss the opportunity. They will be eager to enjoy the rest of the fall season in the home, as well as all seasons to come. 

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