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How Kevin moved Up to Bigger House and saved $12,000

Buying a first house is always exciting and less stress in terms of moving, because many times the buyer is either moving from an apartment or from parent’s house with just a few possession, but selling a first house, and buying another one at the same time is quite different as it takes a lot of coordination and effort to make this happen especially if the funds from the first house is needed to purchase the new house. This is where we come in, to make it less stressful, to make sure the current house is sold on time, buy the new one, make the move go smoothly all the while saving you money and avoiding carrying two mortgages.  
As the case with Kevin that saved over $12,000 while selling the current house and get into a bigger house paying just about $400 more than the current payment but getting a newer house and lots of space.  How could this be? Well the interest rate is lower than what it was when Kevin bought his first house. The interest rate he had was over 5% while the new rate for the bigger house is just 3.15% that equals just $400 more than the current mortgage, but the house is over 1900 square feet bigger than the first house.
 Additionally,  because we are in a tight seller’s market for many entry level homes, we sold his house without giving up any closing cost to the buyer, but we are able to negotiate with  the seller of the new house to pay $12,000 in closing cost- This  is sweet!!!! That’s how we work for our clients and we’ve helped about 20 families this year moving up to a bigger house at the same time sell their current house.
Our goal is always to provide exceptional service while minimizing stress of selling, buying and moving.
This was Kevin’s first house that was sold for $280,000, we got contract for the house in just 10 days for full price and no closing cost. 


First House Details
Monthly Payment: $2300.00
Bedrooms: 4 Bedroom
Bath 2.5
Closing Cost to Buyer: $0

Size:1198 Square Ft
Sold October 10th 2016

New House Details
Price: $489,000
Bedrooms 5
Bath 2.5

Closing Cost  From  Seller: $12247.50

Monthly Payment: $2767.00

Size: 3232 Square Ft

Bought October 28th 2016

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