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Do you want to build long term wealth? Start by buying your first house early.

American dream of home-ownership is alive and well in Maryland and all parts of the country. My team of real estate professional are helping buyers realize it one house at a time.

Every day many are deciding to make that dream a reality earlier than later, such is the case with Christian who decided to become a home owner just a few months after his college graduation instead of helping his landlord pay off their mortgage.
Christian has been renting while he was in college, in his last year of college he went to a seminar that advised to start building wealth by buying first house sooner than later and plan to pay down and move on to the next property. He took that advice seriously and started saving right after graduation. 

His apartment lease was set to expire by January 30th 2017 so we started working in August 2016 to get him qualified for a mortgage, find a house, buy the house and move in on or before January 30th 2017.

Fast forward to December 12th 2016, Christian bought his first house in District Heights, a large 3 level detached colonial with 2 car garage,4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath that needed some cosmetic work, but priced under market. This this a good buy for Christian as he is getting more than double  his current residence of 2 bedrooms in  living space, more amenities and potential for future rental if so desire!!!!!

We always advise our buyers to look beyond the cosmetic items that can be repaired/ replaced gradually, but look at the future potential of a house, and functionality. Many cosmetic items can be upgraded gradually, but many times some functionality cannot be added to a house- like master bathroom, or garage due to space constraints. There are many houses in the market that are priced a little below market but needs buyers with vision.

In addition to negotiating and getting the house under contract for less than the current market value, we also negotiated with the seller to pay most of the closing costs ($8500). All this for just $100 more than what he was paying in rent for a 2 bedroom apartment.

Our buyer is already planning his next move; pay extra mortgage monthly to reduce interest paid over the life of the loan. How is that for starting early and building wealth? 

We all consume housing either paying someone else and building equity for them, or paying our own mortgage and building equity for ourselves, either way, we have to pay.
Which one will you rather do? Pay someone else or pay yourself? It is good to start early, but it is never too late to start.  If you are ready to purchase your first house – Start Here!!!

Make 2017 the year to become a wealth builder by getting our free report on how to buy with little money down.

Our buyer was qualified for an FHA home loan that requires just 3.5% down payment, but there are many loan options from zero down payment to 20% down, it all depends on each person’s credit rating.

More details below  on the first house for this forward thinking man.

Price: $265,000
Down payment: $9275.00
Seller Paid Closing Cost: $8500
Monthly Payment: $1828.15

If you want to be the next success story like Christian or one of the 30 families we’ve moved to homeowners in 2016, do the following Now ;

-Check when your current lease expires and determine not to renew.

-Contact us to put a customized plan together for you.

-Be ready to follow the plan because we are ready to make it work for you. Over 30 families this year alone got on the plan and are now homeowners. Our goal is to increase that number by 100% for 2017, be part of it.

-Don't let credit score stop you. The scores that are down today can be greatly improved in a few months with a customized plan.

-Don't let lack of 20% down payment stop you there are many loan options available.

-Don’t let lack of money stop you- There are first time buyer grants available.

-Invest in your future by using your 2016 tax refund as part of your house down payment, pay off debts that will increase your score and your purchasing power. It will yield plenty than those shoes or the new car.

Ready to get your plan? Click here to submit your information.

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Keji & Associates of Fairfax Realty is a team of licensed agents working daily to get homes sold  for our clients in all parts of the metro area. We delight our clients by delivering  world class service every step of the way and we strive to create a win-win situation this  is all part of our values and beliefs. Contact us @ 301-613-2043, email keji@metrohomesrealty.com or visit our website  www.metrohomesrealty.com

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