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4 Ways to save Money in 2020 starting Today

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2020 is around the corner what is your resolution? Lose weight, eat healthy, save money? All good but without a plan it will all go up in flames within a few months into the year.

If one of your resolution is to save money, here are four easy ways to do that. Plan, write it down, make it plain and execute.

1. Create a budget. Creating a budget is one quickest way to visually see where your money is going monthly. A budget does not have be a complicated process, or use a special software. Start by getting  all your fixed expenses down (housing, phone, cable & Wi-Fi, utilities, student loans, car payments ,car insurance), get your variable expenses down by  getting your average expense for the past 3 month(food, entertainment, clothing, gas, charity giving, credit card payment).Comparing  all your expenses to your income should show clearly if you need to make adjustment . There is always room for adjustment by reducing expenses and getting rid of some expenses. Creating and following a budget should not be restrictive or onetime event. To save money this New Year find out where your money is going to, create a budget and plug any leaking holes. Continue to tweak your budget by reviewing periodically and adjusting.

2. Automate your savings. In your budget create an expense item for your savings. Saving should be part of the budget and the easier way to make sure to save is to direct your payroll or bank to automatically send your set amount to your savings account. Ideally every one need to have an emergency saving fund to take care of unplanned expenses and the suggestion is to have at least 6 months worth of expenses saved. Only 40 percent of Americans can pay for unexpected $1000 expense according to a recent survey from Bankrate.com, anything above can push lots of American over the edge, the best way to avoid this is to automate your savings monthly.

3. Turn your raise to savings. Are you getting a salary raise in 2020? Use that raise well by increasing your savings by the net amount of the raise. Instead of planning to spend the raise, add to your schedule savings if building up the emergency fund, alternatively if you already have your emergency fund, invest the raise by increasing your contribution towards your retirement plan.  Don't have retirement plan? No better time to start than now.

4. Pay off your credit card. Stop giving your hard earned money to credit cards companies, the longer you carry balance the more interest you pay is just like throwing money away. Be truthful to yourself and understand your spending habits. First get out all your credit cards statement and look at the interest rates,you will be shocked to see that if you are just making minimum payments monthly most of your payments is going towards interest.  New year resolution save money by paying off your credit cards, stop carrying monthly balance, stop charging if you will not pay off balance monthly. It all goes back to your budget, if you cannot afford to pay off monthly then you don't need to use the card.

Start your 2020 right by planning your strategy to save money now, plan it, write it down and execute. It does not have to be painful, but with determination and continual action you will finish 2020 richer than 2019.

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